"Megan is a teacher of extraordinary wisdom, patience, and skill. Her positive approach rescues me regularly from despair, and she always knows exactly how to help me break down a daunting and seemingly intractable problem -- such as reforming some longstanding bad habit -- with a step-by-step prescription. She is a problem-solver and has graciously accommodated schedule changes and even fits of frustration with good cheer and ingenuity. Her knowledge of music is deep and so is her passion to make music. I consider myself very lucky to be her student." (Adele, violin student)

"I started studying piano and voice again as an older adult. It was a struggle at first to remember the notes and to execute certain hand positions with arthritic fingers. I had also lost my voice for a month due to a virus and thought that I might never sing again. Megan was incredibly knowledgeable, sensitive, flexible, supportive, patient and encouraging as I fought my way back to singing and playing the piano. I learned that with the right teacher, it is possible to overcome incredible odds and to succeed. Thanks to Megan, I now have the joy of music back in my life. I will be forever indebted to Megan for the gift of once again being able to make music." (Andrea, voice & piano student)

"Megan has such a lovely way of relating to her students and is amazing at drawing out the best in each of them. She is also great at collaborating with parents to help motivate students, achieve good practice habits, and reinforce what is learned during the lesson at home. Her range of expertise in piano, violin, and voice is truly extraordinary!" (Karen, parent)

"Megan Roth is wonderful! She has been working with my 12-year-old daughter for five years and my 9-year-old son for two years -- and it’s wonderful to see them progress. Indeed, all of her private students show impressive learning curves at our two annual recitals. Megan is patient and professional and she expects the same dedication from her students. She is a gift to our family." (Jenifer, parent)

"We have had the good fortune of having Megan teach my son piano for 3 1/2 years, my daughter piano for 2 years, and me voice for about a year. Megan is warm, friendly, responsive, and professional. She has a wonderful rapport with children. We are lucky to have found her!" (Wynne, parent)

"I am an adult student who started studying voice after years of singing. It turns out I had even more to learn than I expected, but Megan’s encouragement, caring and positive approach made it all work. Not only did I develop my voice, but Megan’s support encouraged me to attempt and to accomplish things I wouldm’t have otherwise tried. I especially appreciated that Megan’s teaching is very focused on the specific needs of each student. Many teachers can identify twenty areas for improvement, but it takes a gifted teacher to be able to identify those steps which will give each student an understandable way to accomplish meaningful change. Megan has that gift." (Mary, voice student)

"I think my piano lessons are exciting, it makes me want to dance. I like how Megan talks to me - she is calm, and she helps me learn and practice difficult music. Playing piano is really awesome!" (Joel, age 8)

"I thank Megan for teaching me piano. I have fun in my lessons with Megan, and the lessons make me feel proud that I can play more and more songs." (Sophia, age 6)

"I am amazed at the progress my daughter has made on the violin in only six months of lessons with Megan. Megan is positive, up beat and patient during lessons and continuously selects music that is challenging without being frustrating." (Melissa, parent)

"I love the way Megan teaches me because she teaches me step by step." (Sarah, age 7)

"Megan Roth is a very charismatic and intelligent voice teacher. She has an incredible voice and she cares so much about all of her students. I worked with her for one and a half years and I grew as a singer because of her knowledge of singing and her hard work and passion for music. She is amazing at identifying areas of improvement and creating innovative ways to practice. I loved working with Megan because of her optimistic and friendly personality and I will miss her very much." (Eva, voice student)

"In the 2.5 years I had Megan as a teacher, my voice flourished in a way I never knew was possible. Megan is a warm, relatable, talented, and amazing teacher. She challenged, but never overwhelmed me, and lessons were always a safe place for me to try new things. I got to sing a wide repertoire of music, from classical to folk, to pop, musical theatre and jazz. Her dedication to her students showed, she cared deeply about each one and knew their strengths and weaknesses, and always started the lesson asking for an update about my week. I feel like my technique as a singer has improved greatly along with my musicality. It's hard for me to imagine another voice teacher that has half of the charisma, dedication, and natural talent as Megan does, I miss her greatly." (Suzanna, voice student)

Megan Teaching Violin