Voice Students

A “lifelong student”, I am continually striving to learn and improve as a teacher and human. When we sing, we share a unique part of ourselves. I believe in working with the individual, working to identify YOUR goals and specific needs.

Have you ever wondered “why am I singing this exercise?” Have you felt confused by technical terms? My biggest goal as a teacher is to ensure my students understand why they are being asked to sing a specific exercise, what they should expect to achieve, and how that work applies to their repertoire.

I teach teenagers (ages 13+) and adults, avocational or professional singers, who bring curiosity, openness, and dedication to their singing endeavors. As a voice teacher my mission is to help each student build a thorough understanding of how their voice functions, cultivating a set of “tools” that will work towards ease and efficiency in their singing, in a supportive, nurturing, and collaborative environment.

What to expect in your voice lesson
Singing with freedom of body and expression for the most beautiful, resonant sound is the primary goal! We discuss basic anatomy necessary for visualizing the singing process. Technical exercises focus on breath and tone coordination, vocal registration, vowel formation, range exploration, agility, and diction. This technique is then implemented in classical repertoire that encompasses a variety of styles and languages, ultimately helping each student gain confidence and enjoy their singing.

Megan Teaching Voice