Violin Students

“The violin is the closest instrument to the voice.”
My late teacher, Mark Zinger, would say this to me frequently while instructing me to sing a phrase before playing it. When we play an instrument, we share our own unique “voice” through that instrument.

The violin is one of the most beautiful instruments, but it requires a great deal of patience to master. A sense of good humor and persistence are essential skills when endeavoring to learn the violin!

I teach students ages 7 and up, beginner through advanced levels. Students younger than 7 wishing to begin lessons will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Students learn essential musicianship skills such as note reading, rhythm, coordination, finger dexterity, posture, musicality, and expression. Technique is approached traditionally, though some aspects of the Suzuki method are employed where appropriate.

My mission as a violin teacher is to help each student find joy in the process of learning, develop tools to improve and play with ease (pain-free!), and cultivate efficient practice habits.

Megan Teaching Violin